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What to do if you haven’t trained in over 30 years

If you’re over 55 and haven’t trained in 30 years, or you just have never stepped in a gym before, you shouldn’t start off with heavy barbell work.

You want to slowly progress into using the rest of the gym equipment and learning all the things by doing these three things first.

1. Bodyweight movements
This is where we start. We work on you developing movement capacity and technical proficiency in the foundation bodyweight patterns.
This is a safe place to start and also will help us build the ability to add load later when we are ready.

The movements you want to start with are as followed;
The Bodyweight Push Up
The Bodyweight Split Squat
The Body weight Squat
The Ring Row
The Banded Good Morning

By working on these things we are mastering the characteristics that will see us improve but also keep us safe while we are learning.

2. Push, Drag + Pull with a sled

Now in order to actually get stronger, an individual needs load. And due to the technical demands of the bodyweight movements they might not suffice as a strength stimulus, especially if we have trouble getting into those positions.

The number one tool we can use is a sled. This is an extremely safe way to load up some weight (within reason) and either push, pull or drag the sled.

Because we actually aren’t loading the spine in anyway as well this makes this tool the perfect one to use

3. Carry

This will be the movement which is most closely linked to our everyday activities and the one we will want to progressive overload in order to have the best transference.

As you get older, walking can become an issue, but it is an extremely important skill to keep training. So by having intense yet short bursts of time where we are carrying heavier than BW loads, we are increasing our strength to make general walking and moving easier.

Farmers carry, one arm farmers carry are the two best to start with.

These three should be the foundation of an exercise program if you have never step foot into a gym and are a bit nervous. 

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PS: I’ve added videos below too

Coach Kizz