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grow stronger, feel amazing,

be a part of an incredible community

Your opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals looking to make their health a priority under coaches supervision.

Your first step

To find out about you goals, needs, lifestyle and limitations we begin your journey with a free consult. This gives us both an opportunity to discuss what you truly want to achieve and how we can create a plan suited for you that gets results fast. To secure your spot, book today.


Our program is predominately focused on building strength. It is geared towards improving metrics and performance in key lifts and movements.

We rotate through Full Body Strength days and Upper / Lower body splits depending on the cycle and time of year.

We utilise different sub-programs to make sure you are working at your level and are doing the right movement for your journey.

group training


Our fitness sessions focus on building and challenging the different energy systems, utilising low complex movement to improve your aerobic capacity, endurance, and overall fitness. capacity and mental stamina.

These sessions are periodised alongside the strength sessions in order to get achieve maximal results for our members.

For the fitness lover who’s aim is to move great, feel great and look great.

a long term approach

Mobility & flexibility is a huge part of our offering, and a staple for health joints.

Every session we dedicate a small portion to a strict warm-up which focuses on improving the range of motion of the individual and preparing them for the demands of the session.

We additionally program specific cool down and mobility pieces weekly in order to improve flexibility and decreases feelings of lifestyle related pain.

Your second step

No one size fits all. We’ll clearly outline a roadmap to reaching your goals by selecting the onboarding program that suits you best and gets you ready. 

The onboarding package

Get you ready the right way

Before you start in our group training system you complete our onboarding package. We understand that everybody is individual, you deserve to be on-boarded in a way that really gets your prepared and caters to you as an individual.

This involves Personal Training sessions, an in-body scan and various levels of nutrition coaching based on the package you choose.

We teach you the movements, hold you accountable and make it so you are safe, confident and ready to get after it in our training system.

We also give you a welcome pack as a thank you which includes a BXSC T-shirt, protein samples and other goodies.

Book a consult and chat with a coach to work out the package that suits you and your needs.


Your investment to your health, and your future with our on-going group training membership. 


All of our coaches are qualified and have been through our rigorous internship process. We constantly up-skill and improve our coaching to ensure you get the best coaching available and maximise your results


Our members work together for their individual goals. You train alongside an extremely positive and encouraging group of people who want to see you succeed and thrive.


No contracts, no lock ins
$ $69
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Nutrition Resources
  • Performance Tracking App
  • Proven Level Systems
  • Quartely Success Sessions
  • Constant Check Ins
  • Initial Nutrition Challenge to Start
  • 24/7 Access to Expert Advice
  • Must Complete Fundamentals Course Before Joining
  • $69.95 / Week
  • No Contracts, No Lock Ins


Our clients are always talking about how coming to the gym is the best hour of their day. They feel supported, appreciated and always have a good time. Our mission is to make you feel better than when you came in.


Our system and programs are created so you get the right exercise prescription for you based on your level and journey. Our system gives you targets to hit and builds you up so you keep improving over time.

leading edge facility

programming designed for you

We pride ourselves on dealing both an industry leading coaching service, but also creating an environment that supports your success. The BXSC Level System ensures you’re getting an individualised service.