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Programmes & Pricing

live with purpose Train with intent

We are not your average gym, and this isn’t your average membership.

We have spent the last half a decade developing and refining a system of training & coaching which delivers all the attention, individualisation, form supervision and guidance that you’d expect in a 1:1 service but matched with the energy, fun & low price point that comes with a group training setting.

Our Strength & Conditioning membership is focused on building functional, strong humans who can handle all the physical demands their life has to offer and reduce the effects of ageing in the process.

We focus on optimising health, increasing fitness, dropping body fat, developing strength, improving flexibility and helping our members gain confidence inside and outside our facility.

We are extremely focused on achieving our members health & fitness goals, which is why all our coaches are university trained and our programs are designed with our members benefits solely in mind.

Bathurst Strength & Conditioning is the gym for people who want more than just a place to get a sweat on. Our system is what gets peoples results consistently year after year and our community is what keeps people coming day after day.

What you get in a membership:

  • Unlimited group training access.
  • ​​Up to 10 sessions per day to choose from (50 per week).
  • ​Expert coaching from university qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches.
  • Regular accountability to keep you training and getting results.
  •  24/7 messenger access to head coach.
  • Incredible community and support system which believes in you and wants the best for you.
  • ​2 coaches at each session to help you with form, technique and technique.
  • Your own programming app and weight tracking system.
  • A program catered to your level and history in a group training environment


Our Adult Programming Focus Train with Intent

Perform Workout Session | Bathurst Strength & Conditioning (BxSC) Fitness Gym


Our program places a large emphasis on strength training. Our program is geared towards improving metrics and performance in key lifts and movements.

We rotate through Full Body Strength days and Upper / Lower body splits depending on the cycle and time of year.

We utilise different sub-programs to make sure you are working at your level and are doing the right movement for your journey.

Move Workout Session | Bathurst Strength & Conditioning (BxSC) Fitness Gym


Our fitness sessions focus on building and challenging the different energy systems, utilising low complex movement to improve your aerobic capacity, endurance, and overall fitness. capacity and mental stamina.

These sessions are periodised alongside the strength sessions in order to get achieve maximal results for our members.

For the fitness lover who’s aim is to move great, feel great and look great.

Fit Workout Session | Bathurst Strength & Conditioning (BxSC) Fitness Gym


We place a large focus on using accessory strength movements and protocols to improve the resilience of our members.

We periodised our training in a way to increase the movement control, function and resilience of our members muscles and structures.

Through hard work and consistent training you can expect amazing results as you follow a progressive, challenging program designed to improve your performance.


Male & Female Coaches | Bathurst Strength & Conditioning (BxSC) Fitness Gym


Mobility & flexibility is a huge part of our offering. 

Every session we dedicate a small portion to a strict warm-up which focuses on improving the range of motion of the individual and preparing them for the demands of the session.

We additionally program specific cool down and mobility pieces weekly in order to improve flexibility and decreases feelings of lifestyle related pain.

Our Youth Focus Strength and athletic performance training for anyone of the age 11-16

Young Athlete Strength Conditioning | Bathurst Strength & Conditioning (BxSC) Fitness Gym


Developing strength and optimal movement foundations is at the centre of our youth development membership at BXSC.

All teenagers who start training with us start in this program and learn the basics of bodyweight training, light weight training, and how to safely and confidently get stronger and fitter in the gym.

After developing the basics of bodyweight & light weight strength training they are then progressed to higher levels of training as their skill & confidence improve.

This is the perfect start for any teenager or young athlete who wants to get stronger, get faster, be more confident, and develop elite fitness. 

  • Safe and supervised sessions aimed at movements perfect for younger lifters
  • Perfect for younger ages with limited training experience or individuals looking for something new
  • Develops essential skills for sporting and ‘working-out’ for later in life
  • Guaranteed to increase bone mineral density, lean muscle mass, improve coordination ALL in a fun community environment




Learning to safely strength train & exercise improves more than just the body. Our youth members realise confidence and develop a mindset that sets them up for life.

Through learning structured strength training our youth members gradually develop respect, care and appreciate for everything their body can do.


As they start to progress through our levels and movements they in turn develop confidence and an appreciation for the hard work it takes to improve in any endeavour.

Building our youth up in the mind is just as important as developing the body and we place a huge emphasis on appropriately supporting, encouraging and guiding our youth through their developmental years. 



Consult + Fundamentals Package Start the right way


This is where we find out all about you, your goals, your needs, your why and how we can better serve you.

– Movement Assessment + Performance Testing 

– Athletic Health Review 

– Goal Setting 


This package is an essential part of starting off your journey the correct way. Across two in-depth training sessions with one of our experience coaches, you will be introduced, upskilled and educated on the major lifts and principles that will be present in our programming and philosophy. After completing this, we guarantee you’ll be ready to jump right into the sessions and set yourself up for long lasting results.

You might ask, what’s included when you book in?

Below is the pack valued at $245.65

– 2 x Personal Coaching Sessions (Valued at $79.95 each)
– Nutrition Guidelines (Valued at $29.90)
– Protein Shaker (Valued at $8)
– BXSC T-Shirt (Valued at $39.95)
– Protein Samples (Valued at $3.95 each)

Fundamentals Package Pricing: $164.95 (33% OFF)

Fundamentals Photo

Pricing What It Costs

Fundamentals $164.95

One Time

Introductory Program

2x Personal Coaching Sessions
Nutrition Guidelines
Protein Shaker
BXSC T-Shirt
Protein Samples
Valued at $245.65 (Save 33%)
Book a Consult
Adult Membership $51.95

Per Week

Unlimited Classes
Group Training
Personal Coaching
Customised Programmes
24/7 Access to Expert Advice
$59.95 / Week on non-contract
$54.95 / Week on 6 month commitment
$51.95 / Week on 12 month commitment
Book a Consult
Youth Program $44.95

Per Week

3 Sessions Per Week
Group Training
Personal Coaching
Customised Programmes
24/7 Access to Expert Advice
$44.95 / Week on Non-Contract
Book a Consult
Student Membership $44.95

Per Week

Unlimited Classes
Group Training
Personal Coaching
Customised Programmes
24/7 Access to Expert Advice
For Full Time Students Only (4 Subjects Per Session)
$51.95 / Week on non-contract
$48.95 / Week on 6 month commitment
$44.95 / Week on 12 month commitment
Book a consult

Book a Consultation Free 30 minute consult with one of our coaches

This is where we find out all about you, your goals, your needs, your why and how we can better serve you. We’ll assess your range of movement and performance, review your athletic health and discuss goal setting.

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