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strength, movement,

and confidence

Building the blocks of your children’s future. Learning to grow strong in our own bodies, being able to move freely, and smiling alongside like-minded peers is priceless for today’s young adults.

Your first step

To find out about your child’s goals, needs, lifestyle and limitations we begin your journey with a free consult. This gives us both an opportunity to discuss what you truly want to achieve and how we can create a plan suited for you that gets results fast. To secure your spot, book today.


Developing strength in a safe encouraging environment is at the centre of our youth development membership at BXSC.

After developing the basics of bodyweight & light weight strength training, they are then progressed to higher levels of training as their skill & confidence improve.

This is the perfect start for any teenager or young athlete who wants to be stronger and get faster.


Our youths are expertly guided on how to use their strength during challenging movements.

This helps them develop a sense of how to use one’s strength which is crucial to reducing incidence of injury on the sporting field.

Progression systems are in place to ensure individuals of all levels are steadily working towards developing athletic attributes in this field.

mindset + Confidence

Ultimately, our youth membership aims to help young individuals develop a sense of pride in their work, and trust in themselves.

Through learning structured strength training our youth members gradually develop respect, care and appreciation for everything their body can do.

Progressing through the levels takes time and it is made clear that progress is a result of effort. This helps to develop a positive approach to challenging tasks, rather than avoidance.

guided sessions

We utilise fully guided sessions to ensure our youth member’s are learning correct form under adequate supervision. 

We aim to create an encouraging environment in which young teenagers of all levels are able to build themselves up every day.

We believe this is incredibly important to the early teenage years and helps guide the youths for years to come.

Youth training

Guided by a qualified professionals each session, our youth membership best serves individuals aged 12-18 years of age. We employ our proven level system to challenge youth’s of all levels, ensuring their progress whilst lifting in a safe manner. 


All of our coaches are qualified and have been through our rigorous internship process. We constantly up-skill and improve our coaching to ensure you get the best coaching available and maximise your child's results and ensure they are safe.


Our youth work together for their individual goals. You train alongside an extremely positive and encouraging group of other youth who want to see you succeed and thrive.


No contracts, no lock ins
$ 59
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 4:30 PM Weekdays
  • 7:45 AM Saturdays
  • Semi-Private Training
  • Nutrition Resources
  • Proven Level Systems
  • Youth Performance Tracking System
  • 24/7 Access to Expert Advice
  • Must Complete Fundamentals Course Before Joining
  • No Contracts, No Lock Ins


Our mission is to make each session as engaging and fun as possible. We utilise games, drills and a progressive system to ensure every child is having fun and supporting each other.


Our youth level system is one of a kind and has been built over the years to provide the youth with a safe, progressive means of improving their physical characteritics