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3 Tips To Be Healthier Instantly

3 Tips to be healthier instantly

Three QUICK simple tips today to help you be healthier

We all know that we need to train more, meal plan and set up our lifestyle to encourage healthy habits and behaviours.

That takes time however and discipline

Sometimes we need some quick hacks that will make us feel better, today, in this moment, so here are three quick ones that you can implement today and will have you noticed an improvement before the end of the day

1. Drink 2 glasses of water first thing when you wake up;

This is simple but highly effective. We dehydrate over night, so having water when we wake up instantly acts to hydrate us, wake us up and set us up for the day


  1. A cup of vegetables at every meal


Oh yeah, even with breaky – well look, with breaky you can have a cup of fruit instead okay? Hehe, but with the other two meals have a cup of veggies. This will dramatically increase your nutrient intake and help with your calorie balance as you prioritise low cal, high-nutrient-dense foods.
Oh, and try eating the veggies first in the meal.


  1. Finish your day with 5 minutes of stretching

    Every 5 minutes before bed will dramatically increase your general sense of feeling and help with down-regulation and sleeping better. Not to mention, it’s some TLC that your skeletal system probably really needs;

There you go, if you implement these three tips today, I guarantee you you’ll end the day having improved your health by a just a little bit, and then if you do this every single day (quite easy to implement) you’ll notice the compound interest effect as you start to feel better and it carries into your other health habits as well

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