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4 Exercise morning routine


A current consensus of fitness trends has shown that people are BACK to caring about their mobility and flexibility 😍

LOVE this

I remember when I first opened my gym, getting people to do some dynamic stretches was like pulling teeth 🤣

People care more than ever now about their flexibility & mobility because they know that being mobile means less niggles, less tighteness in the hips and back and generally feeling better

And the beautiful thing? It can be done with as little as 5 minutes per day!

SOO i’ve made a quick 4 exercise morning mobility routine you can do at home every morning to open your hips up, take the pressure off your back and get ready for the day
1 x through only takes 5 minutes (can do 2x if you want too)

For those that cant get to the gym atm this can be a little bit of exercise in your day too and those who are hitting it hard this can help you recover 🙂
Click below to be taken to the routine