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The four F’s of health.
We hear it all the time
“I need to be healthy”
“I want need to get my health in check”
But what does health actually mean?
And what framework can we use to improve it?
I present to you..
The four F’s of health
Below is a short framework of some areas of health that are in our control and an exact prescription on how to improve it daily
This is not an all encompassing view, rather four key aspects that are a part of health that should be considered from a fitness point of view.
Here they are
FUN:  Intent, purpose + enjoyment in your life and your mission
Aim to do something physical that you enjoy every single day. Choose a movement practice that has a strong why behind it and that you get enjoyment from.
FIT: Regular movement practices which slowly move the needle forward on your health.
Aim for have a purposeful exercise practice that improves strength, range of motion, fitness and measurable qualities at least 4 times a week for 60 minutes
Below are more specific measures to try and hit to improve your FIT category
>10,000 steps a day
Cover lower body push, lower body pull, upper body push, upper body pull, lunging and carrying at least 4 times per week.
10 Minutes + of anything extra a day (cardio, intense, yoga etc)
Active job (on feet 5 hours plus a day)
FUEL: Fueling the body with necessary micro and macro nutrients to support your day.
What should we aim for?
Aim for a diet that is rich in high quality lean protein, smart carbs, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.
Aiming for palm size of protein and two fists of veggies at each meal is a great place to start.
FOCUS: Going within, emptying the mind to reduce stress, decrease cortisol and focus your attention on the task / mission at hand
Meditating for 5-10 minutes a day is a prescription that will not only improve your focus but also improve your sleep, presence and overall mental resilience.

Try adding these daily habits into your life and see how it improves your health, vitality and general feeling of life.

Coach Kizz

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